Mar 23, 2011
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Little BIG Thing #4: What I Learn Is As Important

I continue to try to create a student-centred learning environment.  I do my best at ensuring the learning of my students not only drives the choices in the class but drives all decisions that are made at school.

However, what I learn is as important as what they learn.

I don’t mean this in some cheesy “my students teach me something every day” kind of way. I don’t mean in some “every day I learn something new” way  I mean, I need to be an active learner.

I need to understand the struggle of learning first hand.  Not through nostalgia. Not through faded memories.

I need to hate it when I get something wrong and then resist picking it back up.  I need to feel accountable to my future and take a risk anyway. I need to seek out an expert and be willing to admit my limitations.  I need to hear feedback, ignore and deny it at first, and then learn to accept it later.  I need to produce. I need to create.  Now.

If I’m not actively learning something, I’m just pretending to be a co-learner.  I’m pretending to get what they are going through.  I’m merely going through the paces of helping them wade through learning.

On top of all that, being an active learner is the only way to be able to look a student in the eye, tell them you don’t have the answer and take the leap.

Learning is a leap.  It is a prioritizing of time.  It is about putting time into something you aren’t good at, which for most of us, is a devastating concept.

Now all of this is not to say that we need to be in school.  In fact, I think formal education skews our ability to see learning through the necessary lens.  We fall into the game of formal education.

Instead, we need to be involved in authentic inquiry.  The best teachers are always learning.

So, I guess the question remains, what are you learning?

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