Sep 30, 2015
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Never Too Old for a Coach

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Peyton Manning is a Super Bowl winning quarterback and a 5 time NFL MVP. Love him or hate him, he is a success.

While speaking at LeaderCast 2015, he explained how he understood there to be 4 pillars to success.

  1. Learn to thrive being uncomfortable.
  2. Teammates need to be on the same level.
  3. Devote yourself to intense preparation.
  4. Invest in a coach.

It was interesting. Here was a guy who knew the fundamentals, had had the fundamentals drilled into him his entire life, explaining how he had his old university coach run him through fundamental drills in the off-season. If ever there was a guy who could back it off a little in the off season it would be Peyton Manning.

He said, “As soon as someone doesn’t need to be coached, taught or mentored, they are in trouble. As you either get better or you get worse. You never stay the same.”

He said, “A true coach is someone who shoots straight to give you relevant information.”

Although I am no Peyton Manning, I decided to hire a coach this past year as I trained to compete in a couple of Ironman triathlons.

My coach was able to introduce a new dynamic to my regular training. He insisted on new methods, new styles of workouts and kept me focused on the bigger picture, even when I doubted the methods.

At the first meeting with Dave he told me, “You’re going to have to trust me.” And I did. I had no reason not to.

What worked for me was that my coach was flexible. He understood that my life was more than the practice, more than the competition. This was critical.

My coach provided me feedback when I needed it, not always, not constantly. Most importantly, he never evaluated me. He fine-tuned my workouts, for sure, but never was he the one that ultimately judged me. This too was critical.

At 34 years old, I opened myself up to a coach for the first time since I was a teenager playing hockey. He was someone who shot straight and gave me relevant information. Proving as always, you’re never too old for a coach.

How can we rectify the paradox of being effective coaches and ultimately judges of our students?

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