Feb 25, 2011
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If I Don’t Share, Is It Because I Don’t Own?

Yesterday, a colleague I respect, took me to task on my lack of sharing in my department and my lack of discussion I’ve engaged in about the course I’m teaching, the Futures Forum Project.  He challenged my notion of “who owns the course?”

It was great feedback.  Pretty accurate and deserved.

So I reflected.

He is right.  I probably share more online then I do in the department office.  Why is that?  Great question.  There are probably many factors.  Even online, I talk little about the day to day operation and more about the larger philosophical implications of my choices.

I’d like to say it is because I’m in the experimental phase.  I don’t really know what works yet.  I see reaction, but it takes time for me to see results, connect with students, get their feedback.  And while I thought about this idea more, it hit upon the other question.

Who owns the course?

Do I?

Does the department? A little more complicated as it is a merged credit including three departments.

Is it the school?

Is it the school board? It is a board wide initiative.

And then it hit me.

Part of my reluctance to share, part of my hesitation to talk day to day, is because I don’t own it.

The students do.

I have made a major change in philosophy to try to truly give power and control to the students as a body, but also as individuals.

It’s not something I can share easily.  It is a complete pedagogical shift of philosophy.

So, in all this, I’m still reflecting on what I can share.  I agree with his feedback, but I’m not sure the next step.

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