Sep 9, 2012
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Trust Ends Where Trust Starts.

How do we make others trust us? Often it is through personal, deliberate acts of kindness, generosity and honour. It takes time. It takes repetition of these acts. It doesn’t always happen.

I think one of the most pressing issues within our culture is our culture of mistrust.

It destabilizes everything.


I was talking to my class, two days into the new school year, about the idea of trust. Who they trust? Why they trust these people? Do they trust me? Earning trust?

The overwhelming sentiment in this Grade 11 class, trust is hard to earn, often broken, and sometimes elusive.

I asked them if they trust the government: overwhelmingly no.

I asked them if they trust their teachers: overwhelmingly no.

I asked them if they trust the police: overwhelmingly no.

If they trust me: not sure.

I recognize that this class is not a random or statistically-relevant sample size, and I do recognize that it may be part of a teenager’s m.o. not to trust anyone, however, I don’t think they are alone. And I think this is indelibly sad and dangerous as we move into a more connected world.

Their thoughts in when they decide to trust someone, when they act first. When they feel trusted, they trust.


It is harder now to gain the trust of a stranger than ever before. But that is what is needed. From teachers, politicians, administrators, parents.

Our culture does not trust.

Being antagonistic is not going help. Being adversarial is not going to help. Instead, interactions of kindness will help. Instead, actions of supreme generosity will help and actions of righteous honour will help.

Trust ends where trust starts through actions of kindness, generosity and honour.

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