Sep 5, 2012
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Let’s Start… (Maybe Some Leadership?)

I’m tired of political rhetoric. I’m sick of the extraneous bad radio spots. I’m over talking about wage freezes and retirement gratuities. I think the us vs. them dynamic serves no one.

Let’s start talking about teaching.  Let’s start talking about learning. Let’s start talking about the fact it takes a community to raise informed citizens and a generation of critical/creative thinkers. Let’s start talking about how we can work together to make things work.

I know, I know. My union brethren is going to talk about how the government is not sitting at the table. I get it. They aren’t doing their part. So, let’s just start doing ours. Why are we waiting for them? 

Let’s start really talking about the inefficiencies in the system, the extraneous. Let’s start talking about how we can be better. Let’s start talking about how we can save money.

Getting into a fight with a waiting and willing opponent is foolish and often dangerous.

Instead, let’s start talking to our students’ parents about how we can create a better learning environment. Let’s start talking to them about how we can make them learn more. Let’s not mention wages, sick days and grid structures. Instead, let’s talk about their kid. The individual. What can we do to help them learn?

Let’s start talking to the world about the value of an education. Let’s start talking about learning something new, not achieving a higher mark. Let’s start talking about what happens in a classroom, for real. Strap up cameras in the room and show the world. Write to our papers. Let’s start talking about why people love their teachers. Let’s start talking about why we need to be better as teachers.

Let’s stop the rhetoric and lame commercials. Let’s stop trying to solidify a better bargaining position.

Let’s be honest.

Let’s start being the leaders we can be.


***Any time an us vs. them dynamic is created, there will be victims. Too often, it is the students. ***

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