Aug 2, 2012
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The Age of Networked Intelligence

It’s not about the tools.

That’s what teachers say after getting off their iPad, disconnecting their netbooks and closing the Skype window.

It’s not about the tools. It’s about the teaching.

The problem with that, of course, is it is about the tools. The internet has changed learning. It has changed knowledge in much the same way the printing press changed knowledge and learning.

Don Tapscott refers to it as the “Age of Networked Intelligence” in his recent TED talk. Therein lies the radical, tactical shift.

Knowledge, learning and intelligence is now distributed. It is no longer limited in time or space. It is only limited by desire.

It is only limited by desire.

Access, being what it is,

The question is:

What are you doing to foster that desire?

In my mind, that is the question that is at the root of public education. We aren’t churning out soon-to-be physicists and doctors. We should be churning out kids who love asking questions and exploring and reading and writing and engaging in the world around them. That’s our why.

Subjects taught in isolation, memory testing, work for the sake of work can no longer be what we do. But we need the tools to make it happen.

The pedagogy must come first, but we are pissing in the wind if we don’t have access to the intelligence.

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