Feb 24, 2011
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Leadership Questioned…

Just read a thought-provoking blog post about leadership in education today.  His blog post at Avoiding Cookie Cutter Syndrome really got me thinking about the nature of leadership in general.

It is perceived that leadership is connected with title.

It is perceived that “to make a real difference” you need to “move up”.

But what of the leaders who don’t have the fancy titles?

Derek Sivers, in his famous TED Talk, isolates the nature of leadership and talks about  the nature that it is often over-glorified.  Also, it is often the first follower who truly makes the difference, taking “the one lone nut and making him a leader.”

As Mr. Ballantyne suggests, the qualities that make someone a leader are not exclusive to those in positions of added responsibility, but I would suggest more often they are the silent risk-takers; only sometimes willing to open the door to their classroom knowing what they are doing is worth sharing.

I’d like to suggest that leaders are not always the gutsy ones. They are not always the loud and proud ones.

These are the educators that we need to nurture and we need to be their first followers.

These are the educators that will keep pushing the edububble, maybe even popping it.

I reflect often on the role I play in the education revolution.  Am I doing enough?  Am I rattling enough chains?  But maybe that isn’t the right tactic.  Maybe the right tactic of helping lead the change is through silent, patient change?

What’s my role in the leadership of the revolution?  Maybe it is in the education revolution where we redefine what it is to be a leader, maybe we start looking to those “lone nuts” more often, maybe we follow, rather than lead?

Many question, few answers.  Thanks Mr. Ballantyne for getting the questioning juices flowing…

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