May 14, 2012

Mr. Kemp, Could You Stop Talking.

It’s easy to tell the stories. I like telling the stories. And, over my years of teaching, reading and living, I seemingly have a story for every lesson I wish to impart on my students. Not to mention, I think I’m a pretty crackerjack storyteller.

I understand description and nuance. I can even use different voices, if needed to maintain pretend engagement.

But, that’s not my job anymore.

It’s time to realize that I need to shut up.

Given the tools and the opportunity, students need to be released from the clutches of my soul-sucking storytelling ways. They need to dive in and learn their own stories.

1 Comment

  • Being one of your students I enjoy your stories, I think everyone in homeroom enjoys them. I use them to help me relate to my own stories, please don’t shut up! 🙂

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