Apr 2, 2012

If You Do As Your Told, You’ll Survive.

Survival 425

We’ve got a generation of students who believe this.  We’ve got a generation of teachers who figured it out and found success through it.

It worked for me.

You know, learn the rules of the game. Then play by them.  And the rules were simple, learn what the teacher wants and do it.

Do as your told, you’ll survive.

Now as a teacher, I’m constantly running up against students who believe this credo. The problem all along is that school shouldn’t be about survival. It should be about learning, but somewhere along the way, we lost sight of that.

Another teacher I know calls it “nanny-state education”. Where a student waits to be told exactly what to do and expects to be walked through it.

The real problem is that teachers have been trained in the same system and so we wait.

We wait for a top-down pedagogical inititative and policy that we can make fun of and employ half-heartedly.  And so nothing ever changes, or it changes slowly, excruciatingly slowly.

The real shift in education will only come when teachers stop looking to survive by only doing as their told.



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  • Very true.

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