Mar 22, 2012
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Working Together – A Confession

Simon Tweet

It was a simple tweet. One that flew by in the whirl of the day. Just a little nugget that Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why (a book I strongly recommend reading), threw into the depths of Twitter.  He’s thrown nuggets before, often I read them, think, then keep swimming in the big ocean of ideas.

But this one weighed me down. Heavy.

Then it came up in conversations, with my students.

Then with my colleagues.

Then with my wife.

I knew there was something there. Simon Sinek had thrown this nugget at my head and it hit me.

I’m a poor collaborator. As I preach the theories of the education revolution. I try to imbibe them. I work on building the theories into my practical ethic.

This is one place I stumble.

Sure, I talk about it. I prosthelytize, I speak the good word. But when it comes to truly collaborating. I fall short.

One of the goals I set for myself this year, was to share more of what I’m doing in the classroom. And yet, I haven’t. I also have blogged less.

I can’t count how many times in a day, I tell students to work together, work in groups, ask a partner for help, etc. and then dig into my hole and wrestle in my own head.


There are a few exceptions, a few times where I explore the big ideas with other teachers, but rarely do I get into the details.  I rarely start with the problem and then with a group devise an action plan. When it comes to collaboration, I’m pretty isolating.  I’m pretty “in my own head”.


Today, it changes. Today I start trying to work together, not just in the same office.


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