Feb 13, 2012
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Splitting the Task – Two Teachers Merge

It is rare in high school to split a class between two teachers at the same time. But we’re doing it. Tonight marks the first night in this experiment with HC.

We are teaching a night school course of Grade 12 College English. She’s teaching Monday nights, I’ll be teaching Thursdays.

The prospect of splitting a class has made me very aware of various elements of my teaching persona, my teaching process and my teaching organization.  It has forced me to verbalize, solidify my opening day plans and be accountable to someone else. These are all things that have challenged me.

And, most importantly, how does this split affect the learning environment for the students? Will it be overwhelmingly beneficial because there are now two people caring for the success of each student? Or, will it be detrimental that students will have potentially different learning environments each night?

And so, I pose the question to my readers:

What are some factors that need to be specifically considered for two teachers who are co-teaching?

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