Feb 3, 2012
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Re-Evaluate What You Value

I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback about my last two posts. It has me thinking about what these two posts are really saying.

Sure, they look like a list of things about which I’ve run my mouth. Not an uncommon response: “Boy, you sure know how to screw up.”

But, that’s not the underlying theme.

I think the underlying themes is the idea that we should constantly re-evaluate what we value.

Our professional philosophy should be challenged by others, by the system, by the research, but more importantly, by ourselves.

As a learner, we need to be self-reflexive. That’s where the gold lies.

It is not enough to establish your values. It’s not enough to establish what you value.

Learning comes when we re-evaluate our values and what we value.


My question is, “Is there a professional ethic in re-valuating what we value?”

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