Oct 15, 2010
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Top 5 Reason Why the Kids Don’t Like You

Top 5 Reasons Why the Kids Don’t Like You

A thought-provoking blog entry that says some tough to hear realities.  Jose Vilson gets to an underlying truth in teaching: the relationship of teacher-student is often the most important piece.<em><strong>The comment I left on his blog:</strong></em>Too often these are the things that need to be said and yet, for whatever reason, they are left unsaid. Teachers are apt to forget that learning, school, and true education is all about relationships. Students want to be part of a community. It starts with a teacher who is willing to do the little things and these things that you list are truly those things. To listen more than speak, to have high expectations, to understand them as people who are not just in preparation for the future but are living today, and someone whose efforts are genuine and sincere, are the skills that we, (as adults? or professionals?) don’t value enough. And yet, those are the skills students value the most.Thanks!

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