Oct 18, 2010
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Jekyll vs. Hyde vs. Supply Teachers

It happens. I can’t help it. I’m away from time to time. Although, so far this semester, it seems like I’ve been away more often with Future Forums, LINK Crew and a few PD sessions.

So then, what is it about supply teachers that makes my classes change from an integrated, helpful, hard-working class, into a class where I’m left a note that “absolutely not one soul did the work as assigned”, “did not work in silence ever”, were “disobedient”? Granted, this semester, I’ve refused to leave any “busy work” for my supply teacher. What is it then?

Should I not assume that the supply teacher has the range of abilities to execute my plans, as I’ve laid them out?

What should my reaction to the class’ “misbehaviour” be?

I expect students to be respectful, hard-working and exist within our community. I do not tolerate belligerence and rudeness. That in turn means, I do not receive it.

However, I do push my students to question authority, including my own; to not be obedient automatons but take ownership in their learning; and to understand the social aspects of learning and collaborating.

How do I then integrate/introduce/supplant a “stranger” (for lack of a better word) into the culture and the community of my class?

Why is my class Jekyll with me and Hyde while I’m away. Or are they?

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