Oct 21, 2010
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Real world in real time.

My students are thinking. I know they are. I’ve directed some of it. I hope.

My students are thinking about success. We’ve asked the question, what is true success, and we are trying to figure it out. Each student has chosen a word and contributed a page. Early next week, we are going to publish. Following the advice of Seth Godin, we are putting it out the door. It follows closely in the style and structure of Seth Godin’s free ebook What Matters Now.

School has always been about writing for an audience of one and trying to synthesize your thinking about audience. Now with our networks, we are going to stop talking about the real world and we are going to put our efforts out for the real world to judge, criticize, celebrate, or return the favour and think.

What will the success of this publishing venture be? People reading it. Maybe just one other person, maybe one hundred. Success is fluid. Isn’t it? It’s different for each person.

How can we keep students from working for a real audience? Why do we keep fictionalizing their world and tell them that the “real world” is out there? This is the real world, it is time schools remembered that and worked with that in mind. The days of writing for the teacher must be over. It is time we start writing for the real world in real time.

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