Oct 22, 2010
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Collective Effort.

Building community is hard. Reinforcing community is hard. Learning in community is hard. It is so worth the struggle.

I have been building, reinforcing and proselytizing our learning community for weeks now. From the beginning. I’ve seen the students’ eye rolls, I’ve heard the whispered doubt. Today, I saw the evidence I needed. They saw the evidence they needed.

Through the exploration of personal beliefs, I saw three students, who don’t often interact, descend into a deeply personal conversation about freedom. These students spoke thoughtfully, listened respectfully, and prodded inquisitively. These students all related to each other, acknowledged that “I’d never had considered that’s what it would be like”, to each other. Then they wrote. Collectively.

They produced an acknowledgment of personal belief, tolerance, understanding and respect that didn’t exist before the conversation. They produced something tangible with their collective effort.

My struggle and emphasis on community has now enriched the lives and learning environment of these three students. They came together, without my prompting, to help each other explore themselves. The English part of it, unimportant, yet overtly present. I;d say we’re getting there. If only it weren’t a learning community for just 75 minutes.

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