Dec 14, 2010
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The Edububble?

Are we stuck in an edububble?

Are the people, like me I suppose, who are pushing the revolution, really exposed to new ideas? Or are we just listening to the same ideas, quoting each other and circulating edu-think? Do you need to be in education to know what you are talking about?

Do we need to start letting different, non-educators have a say/perspective in what is happening in our schools?

We are so protective of the space. Too often I hear, “How can someone who has not been in a classroom as a teacher really know what it’s like?” Is it time to recognize that we are not experts in education and someone from outside of education might have better answers.

Don’t get me wrong, I strongly recommend reading the edublogosphere, staying updated in many of the books that are published “by teachers, for teachers”, but do too many teachers only listen to other teachers? Do we lose our connection with the world outside of education?

I don’t have the answers here, I’m not sure I’m even asking the right questions, but I want to make sure we are moving forward, not just rolling around and around. Passing time while we wait for students to recognize they don’t want school.

Is it time for the edububble to burst?

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