Jan 7, 2011
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Education Unplugged.

What if we strip education down to the essentials of learning? No flashy technology, no detailed lesson plans, no teacher unions, no elaborate pyramids of strategies, just the bare bones.

Like a musician that takes away the production elements, and relies on just the basics of their voice and acoustic instrumentation. A musician who tries to capture the soul of the music by hearing its internal vibrations.

What would those elements be?

Curiosity. Support. Mistakes. Questions. Challenges. Reading. Writing. Problem Solving. Community. Perseverance.

Did I miss any acoustic elements?

Now let’s construct our classes, our assignments, our environments of learning. Let’s think about assessment, achievement and success.

Let’s hear the soul of education.

Does this make for the same system we deal with today? Does it sound the same in the hallways, classrooms, staff rooms, blogosphere?

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