Oct 19, 2011
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Annie Murphy Paul (http://ideas.time.com/2011/10/12/the-science-of-how-we-learn/#ixzz1b8VvqX2h) For all those that suggest we can keep on, keepin’ on, stick with the tried and true methods of instruction and learning, need to listen to the science. The educational revolution is not about jumping on the band wagon, it is rooted in an understanding that things are different now. The science of learning has prompted us to say, “it’s time.” The nature of information, knowledge, communication and expression have radically changed and are continually changing. To remain stationary is severely problematic.

We need a learning revolution: in the schools, at home, and in the workplace. Although the science of learning has made enormous advances over the past decade, its discoveries have remained restricted to academic journals and conferences. It’s time to liberate this knowledge for the good of learners everywhere.

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