Jan 12, 2012
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When the Energy is Palpable

It was like the perfect storm. Three different initiatives all crashed down on me today. In the pre-holiday blitz, I had put them until the week back. “We’ll do it on Wednesday the first week back.” It must have come out of my mouth easily, because they all collided.

So, I was on edge.

I knew it would be one of those days. But then something happened. That same something that happens anytime challenges are weighed, actions are begun. The something that makes me keep going.

Students bought in. Fully. Without reservation.

Yes, I was running around trying to maintain order all day. But the energy was palpable. It reminded me why I do it.

My social justice club was eager to begin their water challenge, my 2P English class were buzzing while preparing for a social awareness campaign, and we orchestrated representatives from 11 schools to gather and prepare for this year’s edition of Strip the Streets.

It makes this job easy when you can feel the energy. You aren’t swimming up stream. It reminds you why.

And isn’t that the essential piece, why are we organizing, preparing, running, supporting, etc.?

I wasn’t the only one.

One of my students said to me, “Wow, you can feel the energy building. I’ve never felt this from school before.”

That sure feels good.

Now this post isn’t just to toot my horn, although I’m doing that too. ┬áThis post isn’t to say I’ve figured it out.

I wanted to write this post because I was worried for this day, felt overwhelmed going into the day and was regretting my commitments in the morning. This post is a reminder to me that chaos, the colliding of activities and actions, is okay. It will work out if we are rooted to the why.

When the energy is palpable, something is being built. Hopefully, it is momentum.

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