Nov 21, 2011
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Do You Trust Me?

More and more articles, blog posts and editorials, about everything, I see us struggling to trust. We struggle with trusting schools, governments, corporations and individuals. We’ve been burned so often that we are no longer able to envision an environment where people (the individual or the system) are working for the good of the people. Where does that leave us?

Locking our doors, eliminating variables and an insistence that the structure will protect us. Protect us from whom? Everyone?!?

I fear for my students that they’re learning in an environment that shows no trust; an environment that enables fear. Whether it is a learning environment that doesn’t trust the judgement of the teacher or where the teacher doesn’t trust the student, we are reinforcing this vision that people cannot or should not trust, and it worries me. Students are absorbing media that tells them to expect uniformity and to think that aberrations, missteps, mistakes and alterations are insistences of incompetence or implied deception.

This mistrust is leading us into a standardized, sanitized view of the inner workings of the classroom.

This mistrust is leading us to a hyper-connected world with no real connection.

This mistrust is leading us to belie our common sense and our human nature.

I worry that not only does the public, system, and government not trust teachers, but teachers, themselves, don’t trust themselves to be great. Unwilling to try to be better for fear they might be called to task.

There is an epidemic of mistrust that is spreading and I think, for the sake of students and teachers, we must be the ones to begin having and showing trust.

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