Sep 2, 2011
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What to Ignore?

We can’t do it all. In life, in school, there is just too much.

Not that we don’t want to. Not that we don’t try to.

But something has to give.

And so, what will it be?

In education, is it the curriculum, policies, procedures? What is it that we ignore?

Because of course, it has to be one of those things.

It can’t be the students. It can’t be the authentic learning opportunities and experiences. It can’t be the intention for a student to love learning more this year than they did last. Can it? Is it?

I’m afraid in our pursuit of fulfilling more government, board, department mandates we just might end up ignoring the people in the room. The people, who despite taking the same course, are richly different. The people in the room who are longing for authentic learning. The people in the room who deserve our attention. The people who cannot be ignored.

So I’m left with the question, if something has to be ignored (and it does), what will it be?

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