Aug 28, 2011
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The Point of it All?

“How are you going to use this to impact the world?”


I said this to a student of mine who gave me his rap music and asked me to give him feedback. It wasn’t school work, but it was important. It is was what made him breathe. He may not go to university or college. He may become a plumber or an architect or a rapper. But my feedback was not about that, it is connected to the larger purpose of what we do.


The reason we are going through this process of formal education is to prepare students to impact the world positively, not to prepare them for university or college. I keep hearing and reading about the role of public education as a means to prepare students for their life of post-secondary education or work.


I’d like to modify that; shouldn’t everything we do, inside the classroom and out, nurture the idea that each of us impacts the world, one way or another. We need to learn so that our impact is positive. You may not cure cancer, but instead you’ll raise a child who values themselves and their education, and so on.

One of my goals this September as we start back, is to stay rooted to this question.

Because if you aren’t asking this question, what question is driving it all?

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