Aug 4, 2011
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Do We Spend Enough Time Wondering?

I was stuck in traffic today. The blessed curse of driving into and out of Toronto during the day.

The thing is, I’m usually that guy.

That guy who weaves in and out of lanes, trying to find the fast one. That guy who speeds up and then has to slam on my brakes when the traffic inevitably reminds me of where I am. I’m usually that guy.

But not today.  I’m relaxed and at ease. Nowhere to go, by no set time.  I was operating at the timeline of life.

And I had CBC radio.

I’m a fan of CBC radio. No, I’m not pompous and a left-wing liberal (ok, one of those maybe), but I listen to it as a reminder, to myself, to wonder.

The thing is wondering can get away from us. It slips through the door somedays, to only return tomorrow. Life has a way of leaving the door open like that.

Being stuck in traffic on a day with no schedule allowed me to find that old friend and I got to thinking, do we do this enough? Allow our students time to wonder? Or is that something they should do on “their own time”?

The thing is we spend so much time talking about thinking, that we sometimes forget about wondering. There is a difference.  Wondering doesn’t have to follow the logic, it doesn’t have to be specific or on task.  It doesn’t have to be something you are even interested in.

CBC radio reminds me. Shows like Ideas, Spark, As It Happens, are all a collection of randomly produced wonderings. They make me wonder about the things that don’t enter into my thoughts. They never play a lead role in my life. Yet, they make me wonder.


Now, as I wrote this, I got to reflecting that I do wonder at times, but usually, I have access to Google to clear up any wondering. Google makes wondering efficient. There’s something wrong about that.  There’s something unnatural. Yet, I do it. Often.

So, I don’t know.

Do we spend enough time wondering?

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