Jul 20, 2011
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Who is Our Innovation Leader?

The tech world has Steve Jobs and the Google guys.

The film industry has Christopher Nolan and James Cameron.

Marketing has Godin, tennis has the Williams sisters, and J.K. Rowling changed things in the book world.

Even politics has/had Obama.

The difference as I see it, education doesn’t have the leader.  And, I think, the leader matters.

We have groups of people throwing out ideas, we have our edu-bubble of innovation, but we don’t have that person that is the game changer.  That one person, or organization, that is constantly shifting the thinking.  Making everyone stand up and listen. Making it impossible to stay the same.

We are not organized.

Sure, we have unions, but they are not in the game of innovation. They are in the game of management. Change and innovation doesn’t happen in management. Continuity happens in management. Protection happens in management.

We have a few individuals who are asking the right questions and helping the thinking along. Many of them provide the illusion of leadership. Too many of them are not classroom teachers.  They were.  But they aren’t any longer. This matters.

After a few years (How long is too long?) of being outside the classroom/school, what influence do you still carry? How connected are you? Bill Gates is no longer the tech innovator, now that he’s out of the game.  Neither was Steve Jobs when he took his hiatus.  He needed to be in the building for his influence to matter.  The same goes for education. Doesn’t it?

Now people will say that innovation looks different in education. I agree.  However, isolated moments of innovation aren’t enough.  We haven’t gone far enough. We haven’t pushed the revolution.  Is it because we have no leader? Or is education incapable of that size of innovative shift?

I think we need a leader. We need the game changer. Who is it going to be? How are we going to get there?


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