Jul 6, 2011
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What If I’m Wrong?

A respected colleague of mine recently asked me, “You are always trying new things and trying new approaches, aren’t you afraid you’ll be wrong and then students will be affected?”

What if I’m wrong?

I figure, I’ve got three options:

  1. I’m right.
  2. I’m wrong, but I’m closer to the best possible idea.
  3. I’m wrong and I’m farther away from the best possible idea.

In the pursuit of providing my students with the best learning opportunity, I’d rather side with the 2/3 chance that I’m moving forward, rather then letting the one option stop me in my tracks. This goes for everything I do, negative thinking breeds a failure to move, positive thinking means movement is essential.


The other side of the my response is that I do my due diligence. I don’t hatch an idea and then go. Ok, sometimes, but generally, I read, I reflect, I talk and I connect. No idea is considered in a bubble. But, no idea is thrown out just because it hasn’t been done before or because it makes me, or other people, uncomfortable.


What if I’m wrong? The only time I can be wrong is in thinking I’ve got nowhere to go.

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