Jun 7, 2011
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What Are You Learning?

Because if you aren’t something’s wrong.

For a profession filled with learners, we don’t do near enough learning.

Yeah, I know, we aren’t given the time to put into our learning.  We spend so much of it prepping lessons, planning killer assignments, and marking papers and tests.  But how much time are we actively learning?

And for those who are learning, how much of that learning do you share with your students?

Do they see you struggle with the concepts you’re wrestling with? Do they see the hard, messy work that is learning?

I’d suggest that this is critical to being an effective teacher.

Two reasons:

1. A love for learning is contagious. Just talk to someone who is passionately engaged in learning the guitar, studying history or in the process of writing and if you are truly a learner, you can’t help but feel that pull.  I’ve been engaging in conversation with multiple colleagues who are actively learning about leadership, poetry, and writing. Listening to them talk about what they are learning, how they are learning, why they are learning and listening to them speak passionately encourages me to keep pushing.

2. The fallacy that the teacher knows everything must end. The jig is up.  And I’d suggest admitting your limitations is not enough.  Learning must be active. We must revel in the messiness of learning and show students that learning doesn’t end after school.  Learning is constant.  Real learning, not just required PD sessions.

So, I ask again, what are you learning? I want to share in it.

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