May 28, 2011
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The Need for Failure

A friend of mine just wrote a very interesting blog post, Can’t See The Garden For the Dill, that explores the nature of success and failure.

It led me to thinking about my own failures and the joy we should take, although we don’t, in failure.

It’s tough to think too long about your failures.  It’s tough because usually we hide them.  We cover them up somehow, so no one else can see them.

Well, I have failed, many times.  I have failed courses (yeah, I’m looking at you Grade 7 Home Economics).  I have failed tests, too many to mention. I failed to communicate effectively leading to hurt feelings from family, friends and colleagues.

Some of these failures led to some very specific learning, some led to silent reflection, some led to nothing at all. But I kept at it.

I’m trying to embrace the aspects of my life, personally and professionally, where I failed and learn from them, build from them, become something better because of them. I’m trying to model good failure.

And for our students, if we build a culture devoid of failure, teaching students to be ashamed of failure, scared of failure, where only success and achievement is celebrated, have we built a solid disposition for learning?

Is there not an inherent need for failure in education? Failure in learning?

Without some level of failure we never move forward.

So, yeah, I’ve failed.  And I’ll continue to fail.

It provides the litany of things I need to keep working on.

It often points me in the direction of success.

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