May 16, 2011
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Inviting Scrutiny

I suppose when you are in the process of pushing an education revolution, you invite scrutiny. And so I do.

I invite scrutiny.

When someone questions the process I follow, I allow it.  I accept it.  I encourage it.  Because often, it begins a conversation that is needed for my own process, but also to hopefully push the thinking of whomever is bringing the scrutiny.

Some colleagues think I should be afraid of opening my door and allowing students to express themselves without moderation.  Hide what I’m trying from administrators and parents. They believe that it is too risky to get feedback unfiltered.  They think that perlustration is a recipe for inviting trouble.

Seth Godin writes, “If you’re insulating yourself from these conversations, who benefits?”

But alas, it does’t worry me.  I don’t feel threatened.  I believe it is an open desire for scrutiny and authentic feedback that allows me to continue learning. It ensures that I am incredibly thoughtful about every step in the process, but it also allows students, parents, administrators and colleagues to be part of the student learning.

And so I believe ultimately, the kiss of death for an effective teacher is the thought that they have nothing left to learn. So, if you aren’t open to scrutiny, I have one question: What are you afraid of?

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