Apr 26, 2011

Accepted: Thrive Conference and ECOO 2011

Excited that my three conference presentation proposals have been accepted this year.

This May 5 – 6, myself and a colleague will be travelling to Regina, Saskatchewan to present on the topic of “Reframing Leadership: Building Capacity in Unlikely Leaders” at the Helping Canadian Kids Thrive Conference.  Our presentation summary reads:

Many people can recognize a traditional student leader: confident, poised, well-spoken. Yet many students with the capacity to lead present themselves differently.  At Cameron Heights in Kitchener, Ontario, we have built an explicit framework that enables all students to uncover their passion, discover and build leadership skills and engage in school leadership.  By understanding that the biggest impediment to leadership is having support, members of theschool community have built a climate of supporting unlikely leaders. Our pursuit of social justice, character development and youth success is mirrored in our insistence that all students have the capacity to lead.  During our session, we will let you know how we built that climate, continue to build capacity, and continuously find leaders in the unlikeliest of youth.  But more importantly, we will spend a considerable amount of time discussing, brainstorming and developing capacity for you to bring the ideas and opportunities back to your hidden leaders

I will be uploading the slide deck here in a few days along with a blog post that I’ve written outlining what we have deemed our explicit framework for unlikely leadership.  I will include video / commentary etc. after the presentation.


Two presentation proposals have been accepted for the ECOO 2011 conference for next October. The first presentation is titled Cross-Curricular Collaboration: Using Social Media for Authentic Assessment” which I will be presenting with @ballantynedj. Our presentation summary reads:

What happens when you take two teachers from different schools, teaching different subjects in different grades and you give them a choice of tools? You get opportunities for students to learn with authentic experience, authentic audience and authentic feedback and assessment for/of/as learning. By embracing various social media tools Scott and Dan brought their classes together developing a cross-curricular collaborative approach to learning and evaluation. In this presentation Scott and Dan will take you through the methods and madness of their collaboration helping you understand and prepare to bring authentic assessment experiences into your classroom.

The second presentation is titled “Futures Forum Project: Building the classroom of the future…” which I will be presenting with a group of teachers involved in FFP.  The presentation summary reads:

Seven schools from the WRDSB participated in a pilot project geared towards integrating three courses (English, Civics and Careers) in an inquiry-focused, student directed, technology infused learning environment. Hear from the seven teachers who built strategies of collaboration and community to engage grade 10 students. Using creativity, problem solving and formulating great questions, these teachers created opportunities for students to follow their interests and create personalized learning experiences. Using netbooks, iPads, social media and other tech tools, students learned their way into the future everyday.

Needless to say, I’m very excited for these opportunities. I’ll post more information, including notes, thoughts and slide decks as they become available.

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  • THIS SOUNDS SO COOL!!! Seriously Scott, it makes me so excited to read this stuff that you write and hear about the amazing things you’re trying. Also it kind of makes me want to go back to high school, haha!
    I’m actually really interested (and always have been) in doing high school leadership development, social justice, world issues, etc…. it’s something I’ve been really considering when I come back from Ghana. But my degree doesn’t necessarily lend itself to those topics, and I have no idea how to break into that career! I’d love to chat with you about it sometime.
    Also, what happened to talking with your students the other week? I thought we were going to do something on non-profit, etc. It might take me some time to figure out what to say. But let me know what you want to do!

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