Apr 9, 2011
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The Ebb and Flow of Shift – Thanks @PinkneyMichael

I saw this great tweet the other night, one of the best I’ve seen in a while:



@PinkneyMichael sums up so clearly and succinctly, the way good tweets do, how many in education feel.  How I feel.  There is no way of knowing where this revolution ends. And yet, we continue.

What pushes me forward in the shift is the clarity of my WHY.

Without fail, the more evidence, studies, and statistics I encounter WHAT I do in the classroom is changed.  It is shifted.  HOW I approach each class is different. As I read, think and reflect more on my practice, I make the philosophical and the realistic approaches needed to respond more clearly to my WHY.

What I also admire and respect about this tweet is that it reminds me that the most authentic responses are often those of vulnerability.  Belonging to a community, especially one online, is to offer thoughts, questions, reflections and ideas which often are at the scrutiny of many.

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