Mar 28, 2011

Tactics of Success

It is always good when you are acknowledged for doing something well.  But so often, we reflect very briefly on those moments.  More often, we think about and remember the moments things didn’t go well. We consider learning opportunities to be the moments were we risked and failed and provided ourselves with things to work on.

We focus on the failures.  We focus on the mistakes.  We don’t give time to the things that are successful.  We are worried about talking successes for fear it will be bragging.

Dan Heath, in an interview on “The Salaried Entrepreneur” says, “rather than focus on why something failed, we should focus on why something was successful.  Focus on the elements that made something work.”

So, what’s working for you?


  • Scott,

    I know this is important to do in life, but it’s just something we always forget about. Hopefully as a teacher, I’ll remember to do this often with all of my students. As well as using this in my personal life. Thanks again for blogging, I’ll be posting about you on my blog tonight

    Paige Bryant

  • We are so programmed to think of our lives in such narrow terms of success anytime we fall out of them we think we need to “fix our mistakes”. Now, I do believe we can learn from the mistakes that we make, but it essential that it isn’t those mistakes that come to define us.
    I agree that this is most definitely something that we should employ throughout our lives. What works is a great source of authentic positive feedback.
    Thanks for the mention in your blog. Very nice.

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