Mar 23, 2011
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Piece by Piece – The Puzzle of Knowledge

Whenever I see kids out in the hallways cramming for tests, quizzing each other about the content that they’ll be asked for, I cringe.

Why are we still worried about content?  Why does it matter? If it can be Googled, it should no longer be our focus.

The obtaining of content is no longer a big deal.  Before when you couldn’t instantly search the world’s bank of information it was critical.  You need to seek out someone who could share that knowledge with you. They would tell you everything they knew.  That teacher existed as a wealth of proprietary information.  That teacher’s job was to give you easy access to that information.  That teacher is now Google.

The teacher we now need is someone who shows skills, demonstrates, supports, and facilitates the finding of information and the compiling into meaning and the creating into something new.

Linton Weeks on National Public Radio states, “there is so much information out there, for free, so that obtaining it — even in bits and pieces — is not the challenge, rather integrating it into a coherent whole is.”

This is being a teacher in a new era.  This is the education revolution. If we aren’t teaching students how to integrate information, social media, social connectedness, digital citizenship and innovation/creativity, what are we doing?

Let the technological tools help students find the pieces of the puzzle. Let teachers help students put them together.

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